Disaster Planning

ServeWyoming is dedicated to the preparation of everyday citizens in the case of disasters. We encourage every citizen to become more informed and prepared.


Emergency Volunteers

Become a disaster response volunteer in your area.

ServeWyoming plays an important leadership role addressing issues related to volunteers before and after a disaster. Be ready for a disaster when it strikes with training as an emergency volunteer.

If your agency would like more information on how to deal with Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers (SUVs) after a disaster, please contact us and ask about setting up a training for Volunteer Reception Center (VRC).

What You Can Do to Prepare

Join us in becoming responsible members of your communities and get prepared!

Take a CPR Class

Offered through local Red Cross offices and other public services, this course will ensure you can help others in emergency situations.

Take a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

Offered through your local emergency management office, this training will ensure you can help your community if an emergency arises.

Create a 72 Hour Kit

Ensure it contains food, water, medication, first aid kit, flashlight, battery operated radio, extra batteries, tools, clothing, personal items, sanitary supplies, contact information, childcare supplies, pet supplies, a map, and money.