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Ready to create meaningful change in the community you call home? Find the perfect volunteer opportunity near you. We work with non-profits across the State to connect people to purpose through volunteering.

Our Volunteer Wyoming program serves as the central hub for volunteers in the State, connecting individuals who want to give with organizations and causes who have a need. Find your next volunteer opportunity today!


How do you SERVE Wyoming?

A life of purpose is a life of service.

Public service helps to establish experience and develop skills that will last a lifetime and create positive change in your community. At ServeWyoming we are dedicated to service, service to our community, service to volunteers looking to give back, and service to the many non-profits that need support.


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Volunteer Wyoming

Our free database offers volunteer opportunities across the state. Discover the many ways you can give back and make a difference.


Skilled Volunteer Network

Apply your skills to the greater good.

Join ServeWyoming's Skilled Volunteer Network and be a part of group of Wyoming professionals who are committed to driving social change in their communities.

You’ll be matched with a qualified non-profit in need of your knowledge and skillset to complete a short-term, focused project. Expand your skills, connect with others, and strengthen the non-profits in your community.

GIVE Pro Bono

Thank you for your interest in ServeWyoming’s Professional Volunteer Network. This is a network of Wyoming professionals who are committed to driving social change in their communities and is a great opportunity to develop skills, teach others, and learn more about the nonprofits in your community.

Once you have filled out this application, you will be matched with a Student Service Learner to work with a qualified non-profit that has been awarded a “Service Grant” requiring your expertise. Rather than cash grants, ServeWyoming facilitates grants of professional consulting services called “Service Grants.” As a Professional Volunteer Network Member, you will be paired with a Service Learning Student to work with the nonprofit on a short-term, specific project designed to build capacity within the nonprofit via your dedicated training.

For questions regarding this application, contact Wendy at 307-234-3428 or

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