Benny O, VGF, United Way of Natrona County

Benny came to volunteer for the Month of Caring because it was something talked about by his friends. It seemed like a fun, interesting event to be a part of, especially while working part time and wanting to stay engaged in the community. Benny was interested in learning about different aspects of the community and seeing how someone that may not necessarily know anything about these aspects of the community can still help out one way or another. It is important to him to be of service to the community because whether people are aware of it or not, the community is there to serve each and every one of us and our needs and it just felt right for him to give back in any possible way that he could to make it feel like a two-way relationship instead of just taking and taking. It is important to learn to give every now and then.

Additionally, volunteering is a win-win situation for both yourself and whoever you may be helping because while they are receiving help from you, you are developing skills that you might not have been able to fully develop had it not been for the interactions and communication of other people who are also volunteering and sharing their experiences. It’s great to be able to see the number of great things that the community does for its people. For example, Benny volunteered at the Hope House once, and it was illuminating to know about how this place helps men that have recently come out of prison feel stable until they themselves are able to fully function as a member of the community themselves. Prior to helping out with the organization of their food distribution and such, Benny had no idea our community offered this type of help for men that have to essentially start from ground zero. 

“True volunteer work doesn’t feel like work at all, especially since the people you get to meet at these places have the potential to become your friends.”

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